I was going on a trip to the beach and my cars water pump broke and everything went down from there, firestone was charging me $900 to fix it, and i couldn’t do that much i went around and found this place we talked and he really helped me out he got my car fixed and then some all in one day so i could be on my way home all the way in modesto ca. he did it for a quarter less of the amount that fire stone was charging me and it even included getting my car towed, he’s a good man and he helped me get out of a bad situation.

Lester R.
Modesto, CA

This is the first Yelp review I have ever written. I had a good experience at B&D Auto that I wanted to share it. My wife’s car overheated due to a coolant leak. I was going to take it to the dealer but the tow truck driver suggested B&D because he has known the owner Carl for 18 years. He said they did good work and would probably save me money. I had him tow my car there.
Carl was very friendly and said he would be able to look at my car that day. I looked over the negative reviews and was surprised at the comments made about Carl. That’s not the experience I had with him.
Luckily the problem wasn’t serious and he gave the car a once over. He suggested a few things which I knew needed to be done. He said the car would be ready the next day and he was true to his word. When I picked up the car he explained the work that was done and the total was only a few bucks over the estimate. In fact he forgot to charge me for a part and didn’t add it to the bill, so I saved about $25.
I would definitely take my car and my wife’s back to B&D if I need any work.

Chris S.
San Mateo, CA

Good guy and honest. I was a first rate mechanic when I was a kid and I know when someone is not a straight shooter with auto repairs. Carl is a good and professional. I’ll be going back for more work as my car needs it.

Lou D.
San Jose, CA

Took my car here for 75K maintenance. Nothing sexy but a bunch of things needed adjusting or replacing. Carl and his guys know their stuff, and their prices are reasonable

D B.
Menlo Park, CA

We have been using Carl for over a year now, and our experience has been very good. Carl is fairly priced, he has good competent mechanics working for him, and we trust him to keep our car in top condition.Thanks Carl, you guys are great!

Kathy S.
Redwood City, CA

B & D was recommended to me by the person at my house who knows a great deal about mechanics. We have been taking our older vehicles to Carl for many years, and recently when I heard this strange loud intermittent racket under the rear of my 1989 low mileage Cadillac Fleetwood, without an appointment I left it with Carl to diagnose and fix along with some other small issues on the Caddie. Several days later he called me and reported that he had done $500 worth of work on straightening out the brakes. He had noted that I rarely drive so he chose to consider it under warranty and didn’t charge me for the brake work, only for the small things. I am so grateful to pay less than $60. I am not on a tight time schedule, so leaving my car there until they could fit it in with their other customers is not a problem for me. He also checked the fluid levels and basically made sure this elderly lady would be safe in the car. The Caddie now drives beautifully and I feel so secure, and would never hesitate to take my vehicles to Carl again.

A year ago I had a flat on the road in another town and had to go to Wheelworks, who didn’t even know how to remove the tire which has a specific lock gizmo. We had to call B & D from Wheelworks to find out how to get the wheel off! Then I had more problems so I took it in to Carl who diagnosed it and found that Wheelworks had damaged certain bolts that had to be ordered. Carl repaired the damage and I never bothered to go back to Wheelworks to confront them with the facts.

Sharon B.
Menlo Park, CA

It’s a great feeling to know that you can trust your mechanic. Carl at B& D automotive is so kind and his mechanics are great. I’ve never had a problem and over the course of years I’ve own my Ford Taurus. He has saved me thousands of dollars. One time I had a knock in my transmission, willing to replace it, he said to wait because he wasn’t convinced that it needed to be replaced. He said to drive it until it got worse and I’ll be fine. I TRUSTED HIM!!! It got worse and it ended up being a small problem that didn’t require replacing my transmission ( he was very right). I will continue to go back and continue to recommend him to family and friends and to yelp readers. I read and trust the readers and the only other reviews I have ever made was for a computer store ( EPC AWSOME) and a really crappy french restaurant. Thanks again carl!

Anthony H.
Redwood City, CA

Let’s face it-we’re all so auto-dependent. I’ve had experiences where auto repair service providers on the other end of the phone really don’t get it. Carl does. He’s always been helpful, knowledgeable, and well connected in the auto industry. That really does go a long way in my book. He will paint the picture and tell it like it is for you. If he can’t help you with his own business, he will tell you where to go, for whatever you need. A rare quality in today’s business world…Personable and professional team of technicians, they all work hard at B&D auto center.

Alfredo M.
Redwood City, CA

I only write Yelp reviews for places I truly believe in. B&D is one of those places. I brought my car here after purchasing new tires from America’s Tire Co. for my 2007 BMW 5 series Sports car. While I came for an alignment, which Carl and his team performed beautifully, I ended up bringing my car back for an oil change.
Unlike other reviewers, I found Carl to be extremely customer-focused. He and his team of mechanics are the only ones who’ve worked on my BMW after my 100K mile warranty expired with BMW. Carl has done everything on my car from the A/C service, wheel alignment, brake pad and rotor replacement, and regular 5K synthetic oil changes. Carl always takes his time to explain every piece of the service, including the cost of repairs, before he does it. Also, he always orders BMW parts for my car–he never uses other OEM parts. I appreciate his honesty and clear communication. He is a mechanic I trust and wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. I refer all my friends here!

Crystal S.
San Jose, CA

After taking my car to Precision Auto on El Camino in RWC, they gave me an estimate of about $2000 for my car to fix. I knew it had problems but jeeez…a family friend told me about B&D, so I checked it out. Carl was super helpful, asked plenty of questions, did an inspection, then gave me a quote, that was more reasonable. He worked on my car for about one day and bam, my car has been running pretty dang good ever since.

Almost the same thing happened with my bf’s car (our cars are getting old) and his car is also running great. Carl is very honest with everything he does. We’re stoked to have a new go-to place for our cars!

A. T.
Redwood City, CA

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